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Data Drives Decisions.

At the core of our tech stack is the data, which drives every decision and recommendation we make within the platform. ProMax is one of only four resellers of all 3 credit bureaus in the automotive industry; however, Stack, powered by ProMax, is the only solution with credit directly integrated into its system.

4 Components of the Data:

  • Customer
    • Personal
    • Historical
    • Behavioral      
    • Financial
  • Vehicle
    • Value
    • Rates/Residuals
    • Incentive Programs
    • Recalls
  • Credit
    • 1-of-4 resellers of all three bureaus in automotive
    • Only provider with an integrated platform
    • Soft and hard pulls
  • Bank:
    • Lending Programs
    • Loan Stipulations
    • Credit Tier Breakdown

About Stack | ProMax™ Data Core | Request a Demo

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