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Over the last few years ProMax has focused on improving our data collection and integrations and unifying our entire suite into a seamless platform. Now that we have turned a corner on that work, we are proudly announcing the Stack Platform.

Elements of Stack

Attract consumers at the beginning of their journey with a customized, state-of-the-art website. Easily managed and seamlessly integrated into your ProMax system, our websites utilize appealing design, fast load times, and SEO that enables you to stand out from the competition.

Our award-winning CRM has everything you need to attract prospects, nurture existing relationships, and win back former customers. Easy to use, scalable, and customizable to your dealership’s needs, ProMax CRM combines all aspects of lead management, follow-up, workplans, and more into a streamlined all-in-one solution.

With easily sortable data, customized reporting, and seamless integrations with all DMS and third-party websites ProMax Inventory has everything you need to manage, analyze, optimize, and market your vehicle inventory accurately and professionally.

Leverage the industry’s top desking solution to simultaneously calculate all available options before selecting the best choices for every type of deal. Full of powerful selling tools and great proposals that integrate seamlessly into your sales process, ProMax Desking enables you to make money, not just count it.

Data Mining/Marketing:
Supercharge your lead generation efforts with a full suite of marketing solutions. Leverage the power of the ProMax Data Core to build campaigns around credit, subprime, events, and more, and deliver custom messaging to your target audience. Utilize our full-service BDC and award-winning Direct Mail to boost traffic and profits in both your service and sales department.

About Stack | ProMax™ Data Core | Request a Demo

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